Effective Solutions To Mold

Things To Know

What is a mold inspection?
It is a visual inspection of the structure and components of a home to find mold and the underlining causes of mold. It may require initial testing to validate and quantify the source.
Do I need Mold Remediation?
Determining mold growth properties that exist is crucial. A visual mold inspection in conjunction with testing can identify a mold growth contamination problem.
How can a Post Mold Inspection help?
Measurements mold levels are obtained through a set of generally accepted guidelines. All tests are recorded, spores taken and compared to outdoor environmental samples, and then sent to a lab for clearance.

Mold Lurks Everywhere

Mold, allergies, VOC's, bacteria and other potentially harmful airborne pollutants commonly lurk in our indoor environments.

What's in your air?

Nofungsamungus LLC was established with over 20 years experience in water and moisture-related issues. These concerns are directly related to mold and the consequences that evolve from it. Granted mold isn't always a major issue that many are led to believe, but then again in many instances there may be an underlying situation that needs a larger review.

Our evaluation and discovery in validating mold, remediating and presenting you with a reasonable solution shines. We understand people and situations and offer fair and practical inspections of your property to conclude the best course of action. We specialize in real estate transfers, private homes and building complexes. Sometimes one needs to think "outside the box" to be effective. This is where Nofungusamungus LLC does its best work.

We are experts in this field and offer a fair and practical inspection of your property or business.

Nofungusamungus specializes in:

  1. Real Estate Transfers
  2. Private Homes
  3. Building and Office Complexes

Lacey Doodle Dandy is our company mascot and family pet. Others have "mold sniffing dogs" but we do not. We prefer to discover mold through experience and the use of mechanical devices designed for the task. Of course an additional confirmation of mold can be performed by direct testing and/or air sampling. These are then sent to a third party independent laboratory for validation.

We do admit to giving Lacey some responsibilities inside the company. From time to time she does help load the truck and finish our lunches. Yes, we do give her 6 weeks vacation, great benefits and plenty of love and water.

We thank you,

Anthony Cavaluzzo, NATMR, AIHA, SSTC
Elizabeth Cavaluzzo, RN, AAS