Safe & Effective Mold Removal

Mold Remediation Process

The first step to proper mold remediation is to thoroughly analyze the type and extent of the problem.

A visual inspection of the affected area will be conducted to discover the extent of the mold problem and document the type of mold-damaged materials. The use of specialized equipment may be necessary to inspect and take air samples in ductwork or within walls or to detect moisture in building material. Surface and/or bulk sampling may need to be collected to identify specific fungal contaminants and to establish the appropriate remediation protocol.

Mold Removal Process:

  • Contain the area
  • Prepare site in scope of work
  • Remove and isolate contaminated items
  • HEPA vacuum and clean up
  • Apply anti-microbial treatment

During the removal process:
(one or more methods may apply)

  1. Clean with anti-microbial agent
  2. Application of organic-based enzyme
  3. Application of a fungicide
  4. Application of a mold encapsulator
  5. Sanding or painting

Guidelines For Remediation

We follow generally accepted industry standards and remediation methods which vary according to conditions.

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Our testing is preformed by Mold Lab LTD. - a licensed lab that hails from Addison, TX. Direct information can be obtained from their website.

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